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Polyurethane Foam (HIGH-DENSITY)

Polyurethane foam is best known for supporting our body in various items like mattresses, upholstered furniture and car seats. its applications are endless, from a small kitchen item like sponge to medical dressing. Polyurethane foam are less expensive, Durable, if compared to low density foam, which can degrade very quickly.

What We Do

Memory Foam (HIGH-DENSITY)

Memory foam is often refered as "Viscoelastic" polyurethane foam or Resiliance polyurethane foam. High density memory foam softens in reaction to body heat, allowing it to mold to a warm body in few minutes. It recovers to its original shape very quickly. Memory foam also traps the body heat. It also helps you to allow pressure point relief.

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100% Latex Mattress

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What We Do

100% Dunlop of Latex

Dunlop Latex is 100% organic, it does not contain any chemicals, synthetics, pesticides or other man made products. 100% natural Dunlop Latex is made from the sap of the Hevea Brasiliensis rubber tree. Dunlop Latex are resilient, anti- bacterial, dust-mite resistant and hypo-allergenic. Dunlop Latex is healthy and safe to sleep on.

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